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Brewing Equipment

Brewing Equipment for filter coffee

find equipment for any coffee brewing method you like, hario, chemex, french press or cold brew towers


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Μύλος Άλεσης Macap M2

Macap M2 Coffee Grinder
421.60€ 340.00€ Without Vat

Μύλος Άλεσης Macap Mc4 Manual

Macap Mc4 Manual Coffee Grinder
434.00€ 350.00€ Without Vat

Μύλος Άλεσης Macap Mc5 Manual

Macap Mc5 Manual Coffee Grinder
432.76€ 349.00€ Without Vat

Acaia Lunar scale - High Precision scale

Acaia Lunar scale, sturdy body and waterproof construction. The perfect scale so you can see the weight of the beveverage at real time during extraction.
295.12€ 238.00€ Without Vat

AeroPress Go Coffee Maker

AeroPress Go is the new version of the coffee maker which has stolen the hearts of coffee lovers around the world. It was created as a response to the demand for an even more compact brewer. The device fits into a mug and alows you to make a cup of perfect black coffee anytime and anywhere - when travelling, on a hike or in the office.
35.77€ 28.85€ Without Vat

Aeropress Manual Coffee Machine for Filter Coffee

Aeropress Manual Coffee Machine for Filter Coffee
31.00€ 25.00€ Without Vat