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Ceado B185 Blender

Ceado B185 Blender, The new design of B185 makes it versatile and modular for the preparation of smoothies and cocktails. The shape of the 1.5l container reduces working times and the brand-new easy pad allows you to select the ideal mode with easier cleaning and less wear.
478.64€ 386.00€ Without Vat

Ceado CP150 Cold Press Juicer

Ceado CP150 Cold Press Juicer, The result of Ceado’s in-depth knowledge of professional juice extraction systems, CP150 is a compact cold press model created to be productive on the countertop. Solid and innovative, designed for on-demand service and production of bottles.
2,473.80€ 1,995.00€ Without Vat

Ceado E15 Κωνικός Μύλος Άλεσης Καφέ

Ceado E15 Doser Coffee Grinder with 71mm conical burrs and mircometric regulation. The E15 grinder comes with the patented Steady Lock system and the Quick set regulation system.
2,850.76€ 2,299.00€ Without Vat

Ceado E37J Μύλος Άλεσης Καφέ

Ceado E37J Coffee Grinder, The baby of the new E37 family! A striking, distinctive design comprising the extraordinary Ceado technologies dedicated to professional coffee grinding.
1,140.80€ 920.00€ Without Vat

Ceado E37K Μύλος Άλεσης Καφέ με Κωνικά Μαχαίρια 71 mm

A new, cutting-edge experience of conical grinding. The customised conical burrs, in combination with the performance of the motor, guarantee uniform, precise coffee dosing with an output never seen before in on-demand models.
3,305.84€ 2,666.00€ Without Vat

Ceado E37R Grinder

Ceado E37R Grinder. Ready to amaze you with exceptional performance. Contains everything you love about Ceado technology and is able to guarantee high-performance output and excellent productivity thanks to the 400W motor
1,488.00€ 1,200.00€ Without Vat