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Acaia Lunar scale - Black color

Acaia Lunar scale, sturdy body and waterproof construction. The perfect scale so you can see the weight of the beveverage at real time during extraction.
295.12€ 238.00€ Without Vat

Acaia Pearl Precicion Scale

Acaia Pearl Precicion Scale with high accuracy & bluetooth connection
179.80€ 145.00€ Without Vat

Barista Selections Spoon Scale

Digital Measuring Spoon Scale with stainless steel handle.
11.90€ 9.60€ Without Vat

Digital Scale 3kgs with timer

Digital Scale 3kgs with timer , it can weigh from 0.1gr up to 3kgs with 0.1 increments, it can also show the total brewing time.
31.00€ 25.00€ Without Vat

Felicita Arc Scale

Designed for baristas and coffee roasters, The Felicita ARC is the ultimate scale for espresso and pour over methods . With incredibly fast response time, the Felicita ARC is perfect for extracting the perfect espresso shot every time . Keep track of both weight and time of your extractions with Auto- tare and Auto-timer functionality. Our edgy aluminum design is durable and aesthetically pleasing. Arc is the ultimate water -resistant scale equipped with the latest technology and long -lasting rechargeable USB battery . It's Speedy fast response and accuracy will keep you satisfied every time!
158.72€ 128.00€ Without Vat

Felicita Incline Scale

Felicita Incline Scale, Ultimate durable quality materials & excellent auto-functionality extremely help you monitor the weight and time to ensure a perfect brew every time. Sensitive fast response & high stable precision, compatible with the Felicita iPhone & Android app, Incline offers you the extraordinary possibility to explore the best coffee.
113.83€ 91.80€ Without Vat