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Acaia Lunar scale - High Precision scale

Acaia Lunar scale, sturdy body and waterproof construction. The perfect scale so you can see the weight of the beveverage at real time during extraction.
352.51€ 284.28€ Without Vat

Barista Selections Spoon Scale

Digital Measuring Spoon Scale with stainless steel handle. Capacity 200g/300g/500g, accuracy 0.1gr, units g/oz/gn/ct
11.90€ 9.60€ Without Vat

Felicita Arc Scale Precision Scale

Designed for baristas and coffee roasters, The Felicita ARC is the ultimate scale for espresso and pour over methods . With incredibly fast response time, the Felicita ARC is perfect for extracting the perfect espresso shot every time . Keep track of both weight and time of your extractions with Auto-tare and Auto-timer functionality. The edgy aluminum design is durable and aesthetically pleasing. Arc is the ultimate water -resistant scale equipped with the latest technology and long -lasting rechargeable USB battery . It's Speedy fast response and accuracy will keep you satisfied every time!
158.72€ 128.00€ Without Vat

Felicita Incline High Precision Scale

Felicita Incline High Precision Scale Thanks to the sturdiness, the high build quality and the automatic functionality of Felicita Incline you can see the weight and time and ensure the consistency of your beverage recipe every time. High sensitivity, fast and accurate. Compatible with the IOS and Android Felicita application, Incline will give you the possibility to explore for even better recipes.
113.83€ 91.80€ Without Vat

Wacaco Exagram Compact Coffee Scale

Compact and precise, the Wacaco Exagram coffee scale is the perfect addition to your coffee setup. Its accurate weight measurement helps you dial in espresso conveniently and ensure a perfect extraction shot after shot.
49.48€ 39.90€ Without Vat

100g Scale Weight

These scale weights are designed with high precision and have a permissible error of +/-0.003g. These scales are made of Nickel-plated Steel and Iron plating to get precise weights. Weight's construction is made of heavy duty steel for long lasting use. These test weights are perfect for jewellery, herbs, gems, pocket scales, kitchen scales, chemicals and other accessories.
4.46€ 3.60€ Without Vat