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Synesso is a reliable company that produces a reliable product.  Respectively, stainless steel frames, group tops, trays, steam and brew tanks are all cut, formed and welded by a local dedicated team of artisans.  Sub-assembly, build, test, and fit & finish all happen at Synesso facility.  Beyond the control Synesso maintains over manufacturing of the machines, they strive to continually develop sophisticated, cutting- edge innovations while making sure they offer a fluid and intuitive interface.  This process of hand crafting and continual research and development is all motivated by one goal – to give every customer the very best Synesso have to offer.  This never becomes a fixed state where Synesso rests on their laurels.  As Synesso develops new and better technologies, systems and solutions, they adopt and share them as soon as they are adequately tested.

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Synesso Jet Kits

1 Synthetic Ruby jet, .6 mm and 2 BrewValve O-Rings
15.50€ 12.50€ Without Vat