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J-Ultra Grinder Manual Grinder

Manufacturer: 1Zpresso
SKU: w28322

J-Ultra Grinder Manual Grinder


The 1Zpresso J Ultra Coffee Grinder is a premium manual coffee grinder renowned for its precision and durability. Designed for coffee aficionados, it features a wide range of grind settings, from fine espresso to coarse French press, ensuring optimal extraction and flavor. Its robust stainless steel burrs guarantee uniform grinding, while the ergonomic design and smooth handle movement offer a comfortable grinding experience. Compact and portable, the 1Zpresso J Ultra is perfect for home use and on-the-go brewing, making it a top choice for both beginners and seasoned baristas seeking a superior grind quality.
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J-Ultra Grinder

Experience espresso perfection with J-Ultra. Featuring a unique external adjustment mechanism, it allows for an incredibly precise 8-micron adjustment per click, setting a new standard in grind precision among 1Zpresso grinders.

More Precise

Boasting an 8-micron movement per click, the J-Ultra grinder offers the most precise adjustment among all 1Zpresso models. Experience unparalleled precision for your perfect espresso.

1zpresso j ultra precision

Espresso Burrs

The J-Ultra burrs are expertly crafted for espresso, striking the perfect balance in grind distribution. With a speedy 48mm design and an advanced coating, they not only grind quickly but also make the process exceptionally smooth.

1zpresso j ultra espresso burrs


New Design

The J-Ultra manual coffee grinder features an elegant, rounded body with gently curved edges, delivering a comfortable and ergonomic grip. Its thoughtful design guarantees a precise and effortless grinding experience, prioritizing your maximum comfort.

1zpresso j ultra new design

Magnetic Catch Cup

Experience an instant workflow improvement with a simple twist, unlocking the magic of our magnetic catch-cup. Elevate your coffee brewing experience total.

1zpresso j ultra magnetic catch up


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