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Tight Vac

Tight Vac
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CoffeeVac 250g

Coffee Vac 250gr, The CFV1 was specifically designed for 250gr of Coffee. Coffeevac's have a unique patented vacuum closure system, the 2 way valve, allows the carbon dioxide from the beans to slowly escape, without letting oxygen in.
11.78€ 9.50€ Without Vat

Tightvac 0,12 liter Clear,Black cap

10g to 30 Gram Vacuum Sealed Container Black Cap & Clear Body, 7.4 x 6 Centimeters
7.44€ 6.00€ Without Vat

Tightvac 0,29 liter Clear,Black cap

9.92€ 8.00€ Without Vat

Vita Vac airtight container

The Perfect Travel Container. The multiuse Vitavac easily fits into your pocket or purse and is just the coolest little Vac. The ultimate storage container for vitamins, homeopathic medicine, herbs & spices, prescription drugs (prolongs potency) and so much more.
6.20€ 5.00€ Without Vat