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Spare Parts

Spare parts for all the coffee machines, find the part that you need to repair your equipment with low cost, fast and reliable.

Parts for coffee machines, coffee grinders, slush machines and bar equipment


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Filter Basket 18gr ridged

Filter Basket 18gr ridged, a high quality filter basket with straight walls, fits up to 18.5gr
3.53€ 2.85€ Without Vat

Belogia Blender Burr set complete

Belogia Blender Burr set complete
39.68€ 32.00€ Without Vat

Gaggia Classic Filter Holder Gasket (See Image Item 21)

Gaggia Filter Holder Gasket, fits on Classic, Baby and New Baby models
1.77€ 1.43€ Without Vat

Lelit E61 Manometer Upgrade Kit

Lelit E61 Manometer Upgrade Kit, Know the extraction pressure, the manometer upgrate kit allows you to customize your LELIT espresso machine from the Mara and Giulietta family with a manometer for measuring the extraction pressure directly on the E61 group.
86.80€ 70.00€ Without Vat

Lelit PL41EM Grouphead Maintenance Kit

Lelit PL41EM Grouphead Maintenance Kit, the kit includes all the orings that need to be replaced on the grouphead of a Lelit 57mm portafilter machine during the maintenance. Compatible with PL41EM, PL41LEM and PL41TEM machines.
16.57€ 13.36€ Without Vat

Gaggia New Baby 1-CUP FILTER 5.5/6.5 GRS.

Gagggia New baby 1-CUP FILTER 5.5/6.5 GRS.
0.00€ 0.00€ Without Vat