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Pesado believes excellent coffee comes from precision.

They create precision coffee tools in Melbourne, each piece reflects their passion and is developed with quality and functionality at the top of their priorities, with a special focus on the finish and aesthetics.

Their signature is the Pesado 58.5 Tamper, fitted with a base machined from 316 grade stainless steel with a sharp 90 degree double edge, 58.5mm diameter extends the total tamped surface area for an optimal tamping experience.

All their wooden handles are hand lathed from locally sourced sustainable material and their ensure the long lasting duration of their own engineered wood. 

Pesado is developed for coffee perfectionists in Australia and all around the world through our partners network.

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Pesado Depth Adjuster

Pesado have developed a unique and easy-to-use depth adjuster, which provides a uniform tamper level and pressure ensuring even more precise and consistent extraction yields. Using the same coffee, grind and volume, anyone can get the same extraction results, perfectly precise, every time. This tool is designed to simplify the tamping process in busy environments or where multiple baristas are involved.The depth adjuster can be retrofitted.
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