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Clean Drop cleaning aid for Moccamaster

Clean Drop Cleaning Aid is advised by Moccamaster because it cleans in a mild and effective manner, and removes any filth and leftover coffee grounds. Moccamaster advises to fill the water reservoir with a water jug other than the special coffee jug. Even when you rinse the coffee jug, a bit of coffee will always remain in the jug which ends up in the brewing water and will eventually pollute your machine. Use Clean Drop regularly for the best maintenance of your coffee machine and for great tasting coffee. It is recommended to clean the machine after a 100x of brewing (1 filter package). Contains: 5 bags. Suitable for all Moccamaster filter coffee machines.
12.65€ 10.20€ Without Vat

Durgol Universal Descaler for Moccamaster 750 ml

Durgol quickly and easily removes all limescale deposits. The special formula guarantees efficient decalcification, does not affect the material, is food and environmentally friendly. It is recommended to clean the machine after brewing 100 times (1 pack of filters). Pour 1 to 2 cups of Durgol into the water tank. Dilute with the same amount of tap water. Some machines need more water to dilute in order to start the descaling process. After descaling, rinse with tap water (1 to 2 times the volume of the water tank).
15.75€ 12.70€ Without Vat

KBGT Coldwater container

KBGT Coldwater container
16.29€ 13.14€ Without Vat

Moccamaster Μηχανή Καφέ Φίλτρου- 68 Black-White - Limited Edition

The Moccamaster Model 68s are handmade in the Netherlands, have a retro look and a limited 5-year warranty.
246.76€ 199.00€ Without Vat

Moccamaster 1.25L Thermal Carafe - 59861

Replacement Thermal Carafe for the Technivorm KBT 741 and CD Thermal Coffee Machines
94.24€ 76.00€ Without Vat

Moccamaster CDT Grand 1,8Lt

The Moccamaster CDT Grand is perfect for those who entertain, small offices and coffee shops. This coffeemaker brews a full 15-cups pot of coffee in six minutes and includes a thermal jug that will keep your coffee hot up to an hour.
446.40€ 360.00€ Without Vat