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Hario Glass Japan

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Hario Bamboo Brewing Stirrer

This simple tool imparts no flavour to the coffee, however the Hario stirrer is made out of bamboo from Japanese forests. It enables the coffee brewers an easy way to agitate the grounds during various brewing methods.
4.90€ 3.95€ Without Vat

Hario V60 01 paper filters 100pcs

Hario V60 01 bleached paper filters 100pcs
6.94€ 5.60€ Without Vat

Hario V60 Range Server 360ml Clear

The 360 ml (12 oz) version of the heat-proof Hario glass server designed to accompany the Hario V60 Coffee Drippers. The tapered design helps keep the coffee warm for longer by reducing the surface area. Additionally, it makes the server more spill proof and easier to pour from. The server comes with a glass lid and silicone seal, and the lid can serve as a stand for the dripper.Dimensions W130 x D107 x H99mm. Serving capacity 360ml Made from laboratorium grade glass, produced in Japan.
23.56€ 19.00€ Without Vat