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Μαχαίρια Μύλων Eureka

Μαχαίρια Μύλων Eureka

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Eureka 60mm Επίπεδα Μαχαίρια

Eureka 60mm flat burrs
30.38€ 24.50€ Without Vat

Επίπεδα μαχαίρια 75mm Eureka

Original Eureka 75mm flat burrs, compatible with the Olympus model, both dispenser and on demand
43.40€ 35.00€ Without Vat

Eureka Mignon 50mm επίπεδα μαχαίρια

Eureka Mignon 50mm flat burrs
26.54€ 21.40€ Without Vat

Eureka Diamond Burrs 75mm

Diamond Inside is able to preserve the optimal geometry of the sharpening longer than any other burrs typology. It allows to keep the granulometry constant for an exceptionally high quantity of ground coffee: around 1000 kg with burrs of 65 mm, while the total duration can reach up to 1200/1300 kg. Diamond Inside burrs are available in diameter of 65 and 75 mm.
111.60€ 90.00€ Without Vat

Eπίπεδα μαχαίρια Eureka 65mm

Original Eureka 65mm flat burrs, compatible with the 65mm models, both dispenser and on demand
32.98€ 26.60€ Without Vat

Red speed 65mm burrs

Rotation R, external diameter 64mm, internal diameter 37mm, thk 8,5mm, 3holes. Long life steel K110 with Red Speed treatment (+20% then TITANIUM version).
136.40€ 110.00€ Without Vat