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Rocket Boxer Spare Parts

Rocket Boxer Spare Parts


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Ορειχάλκινος γωνιακός σύνδεσμος

This connection fitting conects the boiler with the copper pipe that goes to the grouphead of the machine
7.24€ 5.84€ Without Vat

Ορειχάλκινος Γωνιακός Σύνδεσμος

Connector of boiler with injector, this connector is at the bottom side of the boiler, it connects the boiler with the injector
7.24€ 5.84€ Without Vat

Χάλκινος Σωλήνας

Copper Pipe, this pipe connects the injector with the grouphead
21.58€ 17.40€ Without Vat

Εκχύτης (μήκος σωλήνα 215mm)

Injector (tube length 215mm)
12.65€ 10.20€ Without Vat

Σωλήνας για Boxer 2 Group

Pipe Boxer 2 group
15.48€ 12.48€ Without Vat

Rocket oring for shower holder

Rocket oring for shower holder, 3187 SILOPRENE LSR 2670
1.86€ 1.50€ Without Vat